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My midterm is in less than two hours. I’m sitting in Starbucks attempting to study and all I can do is sit on Tumblr and get mad because the app isn’t loading images fast enough.

xiamthekillx Thank you! I feel pretty confident in the naming/purpose of instruments, and charting/numbering teeth. My main worry is the multiple choice. But my friend assured me it’s exactly like the study guide.

People of Tumblr: I have a might need




Hello all. So I’ve been wanting to get my belly button pierced for a while but I’m not sure if it is possible for me to.

Let me explain. I originally had my belly button pierced around April/May of 2010. Somewhere between December 2011-February 2012 it was ripped out. (I unfortunately do not…

Maybe if you got the top of your belly button pierced, have the bottom pierced instead, or vise versa, if you like the look out if the other way around. That way you’d be completely avoiding the scar tissue. I don’t have much info on the actual scar tissue though, sorry. Everyone is different though. You may not have the same problems as your foster sister did. 

I know you can do massages with oils like jojoba oil or vitamin oil that’ll help break the scar tissue down. If you go to a proper qualified piercer they’d be able to check it out and decide from there, they may be able to pierce it slightly deeper so it’s behind the old scar :)

Thank you! I think I will go in and talk to a piercer and have them look at it and judge (because it’s the top portion that was pierced). I’ve been wanting to get my septum done as well (when the funds come in of course) so I will talk to them then. Thank you both for the help!😁





did i just watch all of attack on titan in a day in a half?

the answer is yes

1) Are you ok? 

2) If you’re looking for more, there’s a manga =D

1) no not really

2) yesss i know i definitely have to go buy it at some point!

Psst…You can read it online here


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